Diorama of the bronx river waterfall in Scarsdale, USA.


Shipping to United States: Free

This scenic waterfall diorama is based on a scene of the Bronx river waterfall in Scarsdale USA, done with great care to details, and realism.

Made to order, and if you have special requirements I do accept commissions.

Standard base size of 42 x 30 cms (16.5 x 11.8 inches).
For safe transport reasons the trees are packed in plastica bags, and background picture with pine forest and sky, are packed separately on top of the diorama. Free shipping.

The base, and rocks are carved out of lightweight polyethylene (insulation foam).
Other materials used, skewers, twisted steelwire, poly fiber, course and fine turf in various shades of green, PVA glue, coconut fiber, water based acrylic paints, spray paints, paper, masking tape, foam core board.

The pine and deciduous trees can be easily inserted into the diorama base, as the base is of extruded polystyrene foam sheets
If necessary, you can make a small hole into the foam, with a small screwdriver or other similar sharp object. It is not necessary to glue the trees into the diorama base. That way you can use them later on another project if you want to. If you do want to glue the trees into the foam sheeting, use a water-based glue, like PVA white wood glue.
You can also pin or glue the background pisture onto the back of the base with the PVA white woodglue provided.
Don't use solvent-based glues, as they may melt the polystyrene.

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