Made to order realistic landscape dioramas, and rail road layouts

I have been creating model railway layouts and diormas  for many years,  It has been my passion form a very early age.  I specialize in realistic landscape sceneries, with rivers, waterfalls, sea shores, beeaches, rocky mountains, pine and deciduous trees.

All my dioramas are now made to order, and the buyer can choose from a range of dioramas I sold to other clients, . See my gallery of photos, and let me know which SKU photo number you like best. When completed, and before shipping, I will send you photos for your approval. 

Standard base size for my dioramas is 42 x 30 cms (16.5 x 11.8 inches), and the standard base size for my scenic railway layouts is 100 x 60 cms (39.4 x  23.6 inches). Other base sizes can be considered. Small adjustments can be made before I start making your diorama, like tree heights, etc. I take great care to details, and realism, just send me a message with your requirements and scale size of your miniatures.

The base, and rocks are carved out of lightweight polyethylene (insulation foam).Other materials used, skewers, twisted steelwire, poly fiber, course and fine turf in various shades of green, PVA glue, coconut fiber, water based acrylic paints, spray paints, paper, masking tape, foam core board.

For safe transport purposes, trees are packed separately in a plastic bag on top of the diorama. The base of the carton box has exactly the same base size of the diorama, and the same for the railway layout to prevent any movement inside the box during transport. Open spaces inside the box are padded with soft tissue paper balls the prevent movement of the plastic bags with the trees.For my railroad layouts I use a strong thick double layer carton for additional strength

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